Goodbye September!

September was a busy month! We have lots more planned for October as well!

Our postcards to our grandparents!
Our paint-dyed cosmos flowers!
Sending them off in the post box!
See you later!
Cooking with Koala and Lion Class
Our pumpkin pizza!
We got to observe rice plants!
Taking off the rice one by one!
Taking off the rice husks!
We also opened up the inside of a chestnut!
Lots of fall insects and bugs! Here’s a katydid!
Here’s an Autumn Darter! (アキアカネ)

Happy 20th Anniversary Kid’s Dream!

Listening to the story of the star-crossed lovers!
Doing our Goody Goody Gumdrops dance!
Receiving our 20th Anniversary memorabilia from the school!
Enjoy the treats and our school anthem at home guys!
Reading our new summer maze books!
Excited to see what’s in the bag!
Playing house and restaurant! What shall we make?
Chef Shun!
Cutting some fruits and vegetables
Our special Star Festival lunch! Can you spot the stars?
Our special star festival snacks!
Watermelon and pineapples! Yum!